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Idk... How did this happen?
Ok *breathes*

well I kinda don't know how to put this...

I am a music fanatic through and through. I listen to music 24/7 and I'd have to be living under a rock if I didn't know them...

Ok so maybe I was living under a rock... since I kinda just discovered them.

I heard their song on the radio... I didn't even know who they were.

The lyrics were cliche and catchy and I just happened to be in the mood for that.

Nonetheless, the lyrics were what really got me hooked. I kept singing the song everywhere. I sang it to everyone who would listen

"you light up my world like nobody else"


I fell for this one guys's voice. I was just 'zomg his voice is like velvet and it makes me want to pull my hair out'

And then my town went ONE DIRECTION CRAZY!

They were here a few weekends ago. They were all over the news and the radio was overplaying the song (not that I minded) and everyone was talking about them...

I'm kind of slow on getting to know things.

So I finaly had a name to a face... in this case... a name to a song.

I continued to enjoy the song and considered buying the album.


I was on FB last night. I was getting ready to turn in for the night but someone had said 1D was on SNL.

I don't watch TV and the only show I do watch is probably SNL but since Lindsay Lojan was on it a few weeks back I didn't really feel like watching.

So FB alerted me and I remembered earlier that evening I was thinking

'I should see SNL tonight. I have nothing better to do anyways. Might as well watch it... even if it's a rerun'

I haven't been online since I got Tales of Graces (at least not fully... I get on for the important things) so how was I suppose to know that 1D was going to be SNL

Nonetheless, I rushed to TV. I turned it on. And found out I had just missed the performance. But SNL always has two lives, so I wasn't that disappointed.

I quickly looked through the internet for the performance. :D


Honestly, I wasn't that impressed. But they were cute and adorably awkward on stage. And you could tell they were trying.

So finally I had a face to a song. I knew who were the boys singing the song that has been serenading my ears for the past few weeks.

I liked what I saw.

Their style and concept is pretty cool. I like geek chic/ hipster. I am not to versed on fashion so I don't know what you would call it.

And then I heard Harry!

His solo made me melt.

Oh lord!

I got shivers watching them.

So they gained a new fan.

And I am shipping louisXharry... It's not OTP worthy, But it's cute and sweet and just what I like.


They boys are TOO young. I am 20 for goodness sake. I don't go for younger guys but, I guess I can like them.

I mean I like Justin Bieber, he is so 'pinchy cheeks worthy' so they guys are so 'pinchy cheeks worthy' too.

Imma enjoy getting to know them over the next few weeks/months (whenever I have free time)

Soo yea...

I have to buy their album... SOON. I'm broke as of today...

I want to cover their song... I can make hearts melt lol

I like them <3


I WANT ONE DIRECTION TICKETS!~ But They are all sold out and I want to splurge on good seats and the sucky seats are $100+ a piece. So that means I need a job.. LIKE NOWS!


SS501 COMEBACK is now more probable than ever!!!

I will need to save money so I can go to Korea to see them, by my estimates and these are completely unfounded, I hope they come back by the end of the year. I think I can save up the money by then.

I will do it... I've calculated the costs to be around $5000+ (If i'm going, i'm going in style) So that means I need to start saving NOWS! I need to get two jobs then. It's okay.
Now I just need a someone who can speak Korean. If imma be working, I don't think I can learn Korean.

I hope this made sense.

PS: Do they have a fan club name? I remember hearing about it on the news but it went one ear and out the other. Maybe I'm just imagining things. Will not look it up.


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