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Things That Needed To Be Said
My Angel Kim KyuJong <3
I have been wanting to rant/rave/ramble and go on many tangents for the past few weeks. But alas I have been unable to do so *sighs*

MANY things have happened in the last few weeks.

I turned 21. *claps*

I read the entire Hunger Game Series in about 18 hours in the span of a week. (I counted)

I finished Tales of Graces and am trying to finish side quests/collectors book/dualize book/Lineage and Legacies. It's no longer a pressing matter so I'm in no hurry.

I started to write music again after a month and half of inactivity.


And well that's really it.

I wanted to go off on a tangent about turning 21 but nothing special really happened. I got drunk and started to doing stupid shit but everybody does that.

Oh yea I got the One Direction CD I wanted :3 and I really enjoyed listening to it. I didn't really like all of it but there were some songs that had potential. I enjoyed analyzing the musicality and thinking in the terms of a music producer.

Other than that, I've been kinda listless.

I don't know where my energy and excitement for life went. I was all flaily for the last two months. I feel like I was on a sugar high and now I'm experiencing a sugar low.

Not even watching the Avengers cheered me up. Even if it was an amazing movie and the writers did an amazing job. The character exploration and the humanization of the Hero's really blew me away. AND the quirky one-liners weren't bad either.

Since I got a new phone and I have really good internet access on it (my crappy air card has a data limit) I finally watched Hyung Jun's drama.

I fell in love with his song 'Heaven' and I am still wondering why I had not heard it before now. But it's not surprising since I go on massive download sprees and I organize everything and forget to listen/watch what I downloaded.

I regained confidence in my singing.

I decided that I don't want to be a mother at all.

I really really really want to move out of my house and move to LA or Houston.

I want to be back with my sisters and be a true Lambda Lady. Because when you are a lambda lady, victory is in the palm of your hands.

I miss Robert terribly but I am too much a coward to contact him.

I want to open up to God but for some reason I still can't bring the wall down from my heart.

I hate that I havent't been able to break out of my anti-social-ness.

I miss being happy and cheerful and full of life.

I hate being 21.

I discovered why I like HyunSaeng more than Double HJ but can't seem to declare it as my OTP.
I don't have an HS muse. But my 2hj muse is kinda alive and kicking and always coming up with concepts and ideas that keep me awake at night.

I kinda have a new k-pop OTP. QMi kinda stole my heart. Mimi is just so full of sunshine and rainbows (everyone says so and I believe it) and he makes me all happy.


Umm kinda emo so yea :D

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All I can say is that...

That's life, and you are not the only who has struggles on it, sometimes it sucks and sometimes it's great, but what matters is how we deal with all these things, even with the smallest and most trivial things, and how we keep on living, you know... I hope that makes sense...

I hope you are doing fine... And QMi is fabs!! Zhou Mi is fantastic! And so are you... Toodles!

yeah it does thanks. sometimes you need reminders of that simple truth. i'm kinda like chicken little when things go wrong except i don't literally yell that the 'sky is falling'

And you are great too for reminding me :D

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