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Learning To Live
Title: Learning To Live
Chapter: Prologue
Fandom: SS501, U-Kiss, Super Junior
Pairing: TBA
Rating: Pg-13
Warnings: None ATM
Summary: HyungJoon has spent his entire life training for one moment. The one moment that would save the world from it's imminent destruction in exchange for his own life. The time for regeneration has finally arrived, just as HyungJoon has begun to live.
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
NOTES: Loosely based on the video game by Namco 'Tales of Symphonia'. Written for a challenge that sort of fell off the maps.

“You don’t have to do this”

His younger brother stood at the entrance of the temple, with a pleading look in his eyes. He wanted to reach up to his brother and promise him the possible. He wanted to promise that he would return, that he would succeed. He wanted to assure his brother that they would see each other again. But he couldn’t make such a promise.

“Your Hyung has been training for this all his life. I’m excited to do this and you have to be happy for me too.” He looked towards the younger boy, he couldn’t possibly understand at this age, but he at least wanted his only brother to be proud of him.

The younger boy forced a small smile. Despite his young age, he understood perfectly. But he didn’t understand why it had to be his brother. The only family he had left in the world. He wanted to scream and shout and stomp his feet like a small child. He wanted to beg his Hyung to take him with him, not to leave him. But it wasn’t about what he wanted. He is 13 now and he did not want his brother to worry about him. His smile grew and he smirked.

“Joon, just don’t mess up. Don’t trip over the ancient relics and please don’t fall into any traps. Try not to get to lost. Oh and make sure you eat, you’re going to need the extra meals since you’ll be exercising and not just sitting around like you usually do. I don’t want a stick for a brother.”

HyungJoon let out a small laugh. He reached up to his brother and pulled him into a hug. “I got it” he said gently and reassuringly. “You take care of yourself too. I don’t want to hear about you terrorizing anyone or causing any trouble. You go to school and get an education and make something of yourself.”

“Of course, I’m going to change the world some day. I’ll get into the Institute and become a famous scientist. You just better make sure I get that chance.” He grinned teasingly.

“I’ll look forward to it.” He smiled at his brother and let go. “I have to go now. Siwon is waiting.”

Kibum felt tears building up in his eyes. This is the last time he would see his brother. HyungJoon noticed his brother’s tears but didn’t comment. He had to be strong for his brother.

“I love you, Hyung”

“I love you too. Be good. Remember me when you’re famous.” HyungJoon turned away from his brother and ran down the steps of the temple to join Siwon. He felt the tears stinging his eyes.

He always knew this day would come. He had gone over this scene in his head many times over the years. In his dreams, he never cried and always left his brother with a smile. He never imagined that it would feel so painful to leave behind his only family. He stumbled on the last few steps as tears blurred his vision. Luckily, Siwon was there to stop his fall.

“You alright?” His companion asked him gently as if not to embarrass him.

“Thanks. You might have to do that a lot on this journey. I’m always falling or tripping over something” He smiled sheepishly at the tall man who would be his guide during this journey.

“Don’t worry, I’ll get used to it…” HyungJoon righted himself and wiped his eyes.

“He is going to be okay, you shouldn’t worry about him.”

HyungJoon smiled widely and began to step out of the gate. He looked back up and saw his brother laughing at his clumsiness. He grinned widely and waved goodbye. Siwon was right, his brother would be fine.

They walked through the field in comfortable silence for a few minutes before HyungJoon spoke up.

“You know… Kibum would make a better Chosen than me. He is intelligent and quick witted. He could probably get through the challenges of this journey easily. But I think he is more suited for this world. He could use his intelligence and whit to improve this world”

“I can’t wait to see that happen then.”

HyungJoon felt a fire burning inside him. He could do this. “I won’t back down from this Siwon. I know the elders were afraid of sending me, but I won’t fail this journey. I will regenerate the world and make sure that kids like my brother get a chance to shine.” He shouted triumphantly. Siwon laughed and began to run off.

“I’ll make sure you succeed then.” He shouted. “Come on, let’s get to Triet before it gets dark”

“Wait up! I can’t run that fast, I’ll trip over something.” HyungJoon shouted as he ran after his companion.

They would make it to Triet. They would pass through every challenge and he would regenerate the world. He would definitely do it for his brother’s sake.

AN: I will continue this. Promise. I would really appreciate a lot of criticism. I am striving to become more emotive in the way I write and would really like some suggestions. Thanks.



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This is a pretty good start. XD
I have no idea about the game, but I find this really interesting.

KimBros... <3


thanks for read it. *blushes*

the kimbros is my favorite part if this entire thing.

Will look forward to it!!!!

Oh my god.



I love this game and it's sequel SO MUCH, they are some of the best games EVER. Yet so underrated. omg. I GET TO READ SS501 IN ToS!UNIVERSE???


If you stick Min as Zelos I think I might kill myself laughing /ROLLS

I actually cosplayed as Alice from ToS2 in an anime con last fall, gonna do it again this August \o/

Sooooo happy you know the game, and even happier you're writing this, I WILL STALK FOR UPDATES EVERYDAY. ;A;

yeye you know symphonia!!

im an alice fan too xD totally enjoyed her story line. its so cool that you get to cosplay her again. i wanted to cosplay as sheena a couple years back but i backed out cause i was emberrased by the cleavage. lol

of course he is, collete and joon are adorable fails

jungmin would be a perfect zelos huh :3

thansk so much for reading it :)

I just finished commenting on your other post, and then I scrolled down to see... this.



I'm seriously rolling around on the ground in happiness right now. I just so happy to see this. Baby Jun as Colette is perfect in so many ways I can't even. (And Kibummie was so precious right there!! )

I'm about to go read Chapter one, but I'll tell you now, I'm soooooo looking forward to this, so please keep writing! :D

yeye! I was worried no one would know the source material but i figured i could just take the source material and run with it xD

/rolls around with you

Junnie is the perfect Collete, I couldn't resist.

/writing as we speak


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