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The Soundtrack Of My Summer
I have been meaning to write a long post about nothing for a while. I don't know why... I guess I just want to write something stupid.

My summer has been uneventful. I am at least less stressed than I was last summer, but that in turn means I've been bored.

The kids are home (and no they are not my kids) and it's big sister Melissa to the rescue. The kids call me Micha, I guess it's easier to say.

My daily conversations go like this...

Ohpi (baby bro): MICCCHHHHAAA!

Me: I'm right here what do you want!

Ohpi: Nothing Micha!

Me: Then what do you want!?

Ohpi: *runs away*

Me: O.O


Ohpi: MIIICCHA I wants shwimming!

Me: Pool's closed. Go away.

Ohpi: I want Shwiming, I want shwiming!

Me: Tomorrow.

Otay Micha. Tomorrow!
/runs off to bug someone else


/right behind me

Me: I'm right here!


(This convo accidently got recorded and now serves as text message ringtone)


Ohpi: Micha I'm hungry!

Me: Oh is my baby hungry? What do you want?

Ohpi: I want McDonalds

Me: I don't have any money for McDonalds.

No money?
/looks around the house and then comes back
Micha!!! I have money
/hands me 2 pennies

Me: Ohpi this is not enough.

/makes big eyes



Me: /is driving in the car and Hyuna's Bubble Pop comes on.

Ohpi: Boom! Boom! Boom! (He calls the song Boom)

Hell no
/switch song

Ohpi: HEEEYYYY! Put back!!!!

Me: No


/switches it back

Ohpi: Bubble Pop! BOOM!


Me: /Driving in the car and any Girls Generation song comes on

Ohpi: GG!!! Yeah!

Me: /Switches after the first verse of what ever song

Ohpi: Hey!!! Why you do that? I WANT GG!

/grumbles and switches back


Me: /on my laptop trying to get online or write

Ohpi: I want Boom!

Me: No. Go away.

Ohpi: 501? Please!!!

Me: You want to watch 501?

/nods and yells
501 501 501!!!

/tempted but
NO! I am busy go away!


Sister #1: Lynn take me to the store

Sister #2: Yea take us out! We're bored!

Sister #3: Lynn I'll get Ohpi ready.

Ohpi: No Lynn, MIICCHHHA!

Me: That's right kid.

(I've been training him since day one to call me Melissa instead of Lynn *Hates her first name*)


Me: I'm going to start potty training you. You have to go in the froggy.

No. I'm a baby
/points to diaper

Me:No you're a big boy now.

No big boy. Baby.
/smile really big and looks so cute



I actually have a video of this kid dancing to Sexy Free and Single O,O He smacks his butt and everything and acts all sexy. And it makes me wonder where the hell he even learned to move the way he does.


I have a severe tan. I am Mexican, but I am from Spanish blood from my dad's side. So fortunately, I am light skinned. I like being light skinned. But this summer has turned me completely dark. My body is so discolored, I look like I went to a tanning salon. I honestly have no idea I would tan so easily. But I guess that's what happens when you are stuck in the sun because your kids don't want to be indoors.

Oh and the AC in my truck is broken! How wonderful!


I'm not stressed, but I do have a different kind of stress.

All I know is that I do not look forward to having kids in the future! It is simply not in my plans.

MUSIC HAS BEEN MY LIFE SUPPORT ALL SUMMER! And unfortunately that life support might be taken away. My MP3 player broke and I can't add any more music!

DO YOU REALIZE HOW IMPORTANT MUSIC IS TO ME?! I think I might die in the next few days... T.T

Oh and I started working out.

I am doing Insanity with Shaun T! And the workout program really lives up to it's namesake. It is a sweat inducing suicide mission. I honestly haven't been doing it as much as I should but I have seen an increase in my energy levels.

I have been dutifully writing chapter 2! yey claps! I realize that I don't really have a definitive writing style. I am having trouble with it. But I figure that as I write more, I will naturally develop my writing. After all writing lyrics or writing little snippets of things is not the same as writing a story. Specially one as ambitious as mine.

I have a lot of things I am working on actually.

I should probably be working on my music... but I haven't been able to really sit down. Besides my voice hasn't been at it's best all summer. I blame going to the pool and constantly yelling at the kids to behave in the water.

I have been having technology mishaps left and right. My PS3 has stopped working. T.T

I can no longer play Tales of Graces, which I so ANXIOUSLY waited for. Which means, unless I get it fixed, I won't be able to play Tales of Xillia when it comes out next year! AND I CAN'T PROPERLY SPAZ OVER IT CAUSE MY STUPID PS3 IS EVIL!

And my air card doesn't work anymore. I did something to my computer in an attempt to get my MP3 player to work and now it won't work. OTL

I WILL FIX IT! Already fixed!

Right now I am in the library enjoying my time away from the children. I so really love the library. It's quiet.

OH AND I GOT A JOB! I will be a waitress. AND I will be getting a Brazilian blow out! I have been dying to get one and that will be my first order of business come my first paycheck. Chlorine has fried my pretty long hair and I have been deep conditioning it in the hopes that I can salvage it. But a Brazilian blowout is the answer to my prayers. Specially with hair as messed up as mine.

Me and God are good. I guess... there are somethings that I need to work on.

That's it for my edition of nothing. Yeye. It feels great the get out of my head.

I want to do a highlight of my music summer next. But I will wait.

Lots of love,


EDIT 7/17/12: Added a picture of the kid xD

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THAT KID'S SO CUTE. If any of my family showed any interest in listening or watching k-pop I'd be over the house with joy.

Tales of Graces :O I WANNA PLAY 'TALES OF' GAMES WITH YOU. But I'd probably be forever confused at what buttons to press /doesn't have Playstation anything.


yes he is the cute bane of my existence. He is my eternal joy but he causes me eternal frustration. when he's 20 and i'm 40 im going to enjoy being his evil big sister (blackmail baby pics)

I only got a PS3 to play that game!!! The buttons made me go wtf all the time, my 6 year old cousin taught me how to play x.x I don't really get shapes -.-

besides the little ones, my family still thinks i'm weird. my dad will sing along to my songs in complete random non-sense just to mock me lol

Where have you been all my life???

Awww that boy is absolutely ADORABLE!!! <3 I totally want to kidnap him and dance with him to all these kpop songs lolz XD <3 But then again, I'd probably be a horrible adult influence and never actually teach him anything constructive. (And I'd be arrested too wouldn't I? lolz never mind then.)

You sound so much like me when I'm reading this post. My summer has been so similar, with a lot of spending a lot of time at home or at the pool/waterpark. I have a job as a waitress, but I barely have any hours right now since all the summer staff is gobbling up all the free shifts :(

Also, there's been a heat wave in our area for a bit, and I've turn black. Literally. I'm Indian, and normally am a pretty fair beige, but the sun has made me dark enough to disappear in the shadows DX.

I FEEL FOR YOU. MY IPOD TRIED TO KILL ITSELF YESTERDAY. I NEARLY HAD A HEART ATTACK. I'm so happy I have my CDs to listen to in the car or the internet when I'm at home. I need music playing all the time.

My best friend loves the Tales games. I love watching her play them. She was playing Vesperia the other day and I sat next to her all day. In the midst of writing I kept talking to Yuri as he ran around being awesome and yet stupid at the same time. Also, every moment he and Flynn had together we both fangirled like crazy. Which other games have you played? I hope your PS3 starts working soon because I totally understand what would happen if you can't play Xillia.

Enjoy the library, those and book stores are some of the best places on this Earth. I live there.

P.S. that last gif of Kyuhyun? LOVE. He makes one of the prettiest girls in the world and I totally love him for it.

Re: Where have you been all my life???

It's okay, you can kidnap him I could use a break. Don't worry about being a bad influence, he get's enough of it as it is. One more can't hurt... right? xD

THE HEAT WAVE IN MY AREA HAS BEEN MURDER! I don't even want to step outside anymore. God bless air conditioning.

ME TOO! I need music! I WANT CD's!!! I have a massive collection, but they are ALL old. T_T NEEDS NEW MUSIC!

OOO I sooo want to play Vesperia!!! I STILL want a 360 so badly. Yuri is like soooo totally awesome and of course Flynn! I actually liked Estellise! I wants to play T_T

I've basically played most Tales games. I acutally had ToS for like 4 years before I acutally played it. I got it cause my friend said it was good. But I got stuck in the beginning (I know OTL) and never touched it again until I got bored the summer I graduated from HS back in '08. It's still one of my fave games ever. OO and Fire Emblem!

I used be such a gamer in my youth but as i grew older, I kinda stopped playing. I mostly played MMORPG's.

Oh don't even get me started on that stupid PS3. I've always hated sony with a passion, and now I hate them even more. I don't know what's wrong it. It makes me sad cause I still haven't finished Lineage and Legacies and then Xillia T.T

Kyuhyun is gorgeous! I am convinced that he makes a better girl than a guy O,O

Thanks so much for reading my random little rants <3

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