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Triple S Anniversary
My Angel Kim KyuJong <3
One year ago around these dates, I fell for a group of men that sparked and instigated a change inside of me. A change that I desperately needed. They brought focus, passion and desire back into my life. They reminded to long forgotten dreams and goals and in turn changed the way my life was heading.

Like most Triple S, I found SS501 through Kim HyunJoong. Playful Kiss just happens to be one of the few shojo anime series I enjoyed and tolerate. I was watching the anime again for old time's sake (and because I was bored) when I found out that there was a Korean Live Action. Now, I don't really care for dramas. I really have out grown anime, dramas, and manga. But I heard the OST 'One More Time' and I thought it was beautiful. So I decided to watch the first episode and then go from there. Long story short, I fell for leader, albeit reluctantly, and wanted to know more about him. Fun fact: I actually liked Jung SoMin first but because she is a rookie, there wasn't really much about her.

Leader's solo songs were pretty cool and I was particularly impressed with 'Please'. And I fell in love with 'Kiss Kiss' the moment I heard it. But the charisma he displayed in 'Breakdown' really won me over. The song wasn't really that great, but he sure did look hot and I was in the mood for eye candy. Leader is a really great solo artist, but while watching him, I felt like he wasn't complete.

I didn't know how to explain it at the time. I liked him, I even tried submitting myself to the torture that is 'Boys Over Flowers' for him. BOF is taboo for me. I have so many opinions and feels towards that series, specially for Leader's character Rui. It drove me insane that he just happened to play one of my favorite characters of all time and my dislike for the series prevented me from indulging in more of leader's awesomeness.

That sense if incompleteness continued to haunt me until I looked up Leader closely and found out he was in a boy band. I didn't care for boy bands but I was still immensely enamored with Leader so I decided to check the boy band out just so I can get my fill of leader. The last boy band I was into before SS501 was NEWS. And that was because of Yamapi. I didn't really care for the members, I just wanted my fill of Yamapi. But with SS501 it was different right from the get go. The boys captivated my heart in a way that made me forget about leader and want to love them. And when I got over all my initial fangirl happiness and looked at them like real humans, I started to see the qualities of 5 great men who had the same dream and were working together to achieve it.

I didn't follow them since 2005, obviously, but I started to follow them from the begining. And I realized just how dedicated and hardworking these boys are. I am sure that this is also true for most idol bands. But those idol bands weren't the ones to touch my heart. They other bands weren't the ones that penetrated my heart in such a way that made me realize and uncover things about myself that I had long sense hidden.

I don't really know how to end this post. It's been a loong year. I cried, I laughed, I was worried, I anticipated but most of all I got to enjoy great music. From KKJ's Yesterday to HJB's Sorry I'm Sorry. I am glad that this band found a place in my heart.

It's been a rough month for me. I haven't been able to get online. I am ALWAYS tired. And on top of that, I am in constant pain. i can't even walk normally anymore. I am having back problems due to a fall I had a couple months ago, I found out my disks were out of place and my spine needs to be corrected. On top of that, it's back to school season so I've been taking care of my siblings on top of working. But because I remember SS501 and I remember the blessing God gave me, I am able to put a smile on my face and tough through each day. Cause I know that my present pain and stress is only temporary. I have something I am working for and I am not going to give up.

If anything else, SS501 taught me that. xD


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