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Five Forever As One
My 5 and Only!
Today is 501 Day! The day after my birthday <3

A little something I wrote for our boys.

There were once 5 stars high above in the night sky. The stars sat side by side, closely bonded to represent the same dream.
For a long time, the stars remained close together. But as the world kept turning, the stars started to move farther apart from each other. The stars still represented the same dream but along the way, the stars discovered individual dreams, dreams that would separate them.

The youngest star was a hard worker and worked really hard so his light would grow and grow and reach millions of people.

The hyper star challenged the boundaries and worked hard to make his light reach people of many different cultures proving that people were not alone.

The shy star almost quit and wanted to burn out, but when it finally broke out of its shell, it’s light shined brighter than it ever had before.

The beautiful star felt stuck so it set out to prove that it could be more than just a pretty light.

Then there was the oldest star. This star went farther apart than the rest. Its dream was just that big and its light worked hard to equal that dream.

But no matter the distance, the stars knew they wanted to reunite and come together once more. Because the stars knew that their light would shine brighter as one. And they longed to reach the world with their magnificent light.
The stars were forever knows as

Five Forever as One

In other words



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This is beautiful, darling. :)
I love it.
It makes me happy to know that the Tripe S community's belief in SS501's togetherness remains to be strong. <3
Your work proves that. So, thank you for this.


Of course! I know it's hard for many, and it's hard for me too. But Triple S can't let all the negativity get to them and remember who they love and why we have to remain united <3

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