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[sticky post]Introduction
My Prince! Kim Kyu Jong!
Welcome to my journal!

I am being incredibly optimistic in believing that my writing will want to make you learn more about me.


I am not really that interesting. My passion in life is music and I am working towards becoming a music producer. WOOT! BUT writing, (whether it be poetry, lyrics, novels, etc) is one of those hobbies I just can't seem to stay away from. You guys will definitely hear of me in the future when I publish my many books. I will most likely publish christian novels, or my own auto-biography. I intend to make my mark in this world. Yeye.

I rant and talk a lot, I consider it my therapy. I am not very emotional in real life so I made this my haven. Sometimes I just need to get out of my head. Feel free to ignore me.

This journal is also my creative corner. I write A LOT. I am always writing and jotting things down. I write lyrics, fanfics, drabbles. I haven't posted anything since I was 13 and obviously my writing sucked then. I am very shy and I haven't been part of an internet community for years. It'll take me a while to talk to people, but feel free to talk to me. But I must warn I may not know how to talk to you. I suck at small talk and making random conversation.

I am a Triple S -> Forever with SS501.

Double HJ is my OTP until further notice.

BUT I love Hyunsaeng more >.<

I love all of SS501... But I love Kim Kyujong with all my heart.

I heavily ship QMI/SiHae/Wonkyu/KyuHae.

One of my greatest dreams is to physically be a part of this sea of green.

If you have ever read any of my entries/ stories/ lyrics or anything of the sort...

With Love,


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Another Melissa :D

Thanks so much for reading, I really appreciate it. I will finish it no worries. :D


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